Sunday, March 18, 2012

Remnant Invoice Errors in PCLaw


Quite often when making corrections, you receive a message that you cannot change an entry because it has been billed. For example, this happens a lot when dealing with hand-written cheques. When you are doing the bank reconciliation you may find some numbers have been transposed on the entry.

To correct the entry, you need to undo the invoice. But first, you need to remove any payment made on the invoice. Next, Billing – Undo billing – enter the invoice number – hitting tab will populate the matter, etc. - OK.

Before doing the above, either print a copy of the client ledger, or write down the cheque/receipt numbers, invoice number, dates, etc., for reuse when rebuilding the ledger.

You have now undone the invoice, but, when you again try to correct the entry, you still receive the same error message that the entry has been billed. Review the client ledger – Ctrl-L – Matter number - OK. You will find that the invoice number you have just undone still appears one or more times on the ledger. Until these invoice remnants are removed, you cannot change these entries.

To remove, Billing – Bill or Ctrl-B. Enter the matter number and the same invoice number – OK. You will get error message – invoice number already used – YES – reset invoice number - NO. When you get to “Accept or change …” window – OK – then hit cancel. Review the client ledger again, and all traces of the invoice should now be gone.

Correct the entry you started out trying to fix, then redo the billing and payment(s).

As always, I invite your comments and suggestions for future post topics. Next week – Handling NSF Trust Receipts in PCLaw.