Sunday, August 7, 2011

Workstation Settings

These settings below are suggested from the point of view of day to day usage, and some settings you may want to turn on for a limited time, and then turn off.

Carry forward

Selecting “Carry Matter Nickname Forward on Time Sheet” uses the same matter nickname in the Time Sheet feature as was used on a previous entry. Handy if you are doing multiple entries on the same file.

To use the same matter nickname in the trust cheque and receipt features as is found on the previous entry, select “Remember Last Matter When Creating New Trust Cheque and Receipt”.

If you are doing multiple entries on the same file, both of the above settings can save re-entering the matter number over and over again.

Repetitive Tasks

Alternatively, if you are doing a series of one type of entry – i.e. entering a bunch of A/R cheques for deposit, doing 10 bills in a row, etc., removing the checkmark from “Close data entry windows on OK” is a handy feature.

This setting can be left on if you are comfortable with switching windows. Open your first task. Then - Data Entry, or Window (Alt + W) – Quick Step – to open another task. To switch windows Alt + W, then enter the number shown for the window you want. You can easily move from bill to cheque, then cheque to receipt, etc.

Only one issue of concern – you cannot do two similar functions. For example, you cannot have “Trust Cheque” and “Trust to General Transfer” open at the same time, as the program cannot obtain two cheque numbers at the same time. When you get an error message, just close the window you do not need and re-open the one you want.

Spell Checking

Checkmark “Use Spell Checking”. To have PCLaw automatically spell check entries when you click OK, select “Automatic on OK”. I usually uncheck the “Use Spell Check Complete Message”, as it saves the step of dismissing this message on every entry.

As always, I invite your comments and suggestions for future posting topics. Next week – Favourites Tab.