Sunday, August 14, 2011

Favourites Tab

The Quick Step menu in PCLaw has separate tabs grouping the buttons for everyday tasks into 6 major categories: Time/Fees, Client Costs, Trust, Billing, Client Receipts, and Accounts Payable (may differ on older versions). Many of these tabs have only two or three buttons, and you must flip between the tabs throughout the day.

The Favourites tab allows you to place all the buttons you use every day on one tab. Just right click anywhere on the Favourites page, “Add Button”, and scroll through the lists to find the one you want. The New QuickStep allows for up to 15 buttons. For everyday use, you might want:

1. General Cheque
2. Receive Payment
3. Trust Cheque
4. Trust Receipt
5. Fee Sheet
6. Create Pre-Bill
7. Create Bill
8. Quick Bill
9. Expense Recovery.

You might want to add:
1. Quick Timer
2. Undo Bill
3. Past Due Notice

These are suggestions only – every firm is different. If you never use Quick Bills, there is no point in adding it to your Favourites. Likewise, if you only rarely undo bills, do not place the button on your Favourites page. Of course, all of these buttons still appear on the other tabs or the pull down menu, if you need them. The idea is to have only the buttons you use frequently, and not to allow for every possibility.

You can also add reports too, like General Bank Journal, Trust Bank Journal, and Accounts Receivable Reports. Basically, add anything you use on a regular basis.

My suggested list above has 12 buttons. Did you know that you can also add other applications like Word, WordPerfect, etc. to your PCLaw tabs? Right click on the page, “Add Button”, and scroll down to “Application Launcher”, then browse to the program file you need. Everything you use on a daily basis can be placed in this one convenient location.

As always, I invite your comments and suggestions for future posting topics. Next week – Keyboard Shortcuts.