Sunday, July 3, 2011

Virtual Legal Bookkeeping

A question I am often asked is “Why do you provide your services virtually, as opposed to on site?
There are actually many reasons, but here are a few of them:
  1. I can help more of you. Operating virtually enables me to distribute my experience and expertise throughout Ontario.
  2. I have more time to help you. Eliminating travel time frees up a lot of time over a month to help clients. I am, of course, always willing to travel to see a new client, as people often want to initially meet their bookkeeper face-to-face.
  3. By hiring a virtual bookkeeper, you are doing a good thing for the environment, as virtual bookkeeping has an extremely small carbon footprint.
  4. You save money. I offer a higher level of service, including seeking out and correcting ledger imbalances, however, my rates are competitive with other bookkeepers. I pass my overhead savings on to you.
  5. You do not need to provide me with extra office space, a desk, or a computer. I can access PCLaw afterhours / on weekends.
  6. You can receive real-time answers to any question you might have, or I can help you with any bookkeeping problem you are experiencing. I can sign-in and get the report or answer you need – immediately. A full-time bookkeeper can do this for you too. But, a once-a-week/month bookkeeper does not operate this way, and would breach confidentiality if they accessed your computer while working at another firm.
  7. Your financial wellbeing is protected. With few exceptions, I can help you do almost anything that an onsite bookkeeper can do, but I cannot write/print or sign cheques.
  8. And lastly, everyday I get to enjoy the beautiful Muskoka scenery outside my window.

As always, I invite your comments and suggestions for future posting topics. Next week – Updating Lawyer Rates.