Sunday, April 10, 2011


I have included the Register in this grouping of reports, as that is essentially what it is, a reporting tool. The information displayed on the general bank tab is exactly the same as appears on the general bank journal report. On the various tabs, it lists entries that have already been made, but you cannot use the Register to add a new entry by typing in a blank line.

The Register also has most of the features available with other reports: you can change entries by double clicking on them, you can save the reports, and export them to Excel.

The Register does provide three things not available on other reports:

The Register has an Entry pull down list, if you do want to add an entry. And the pull down list changes the items at the top of the list, depending upon which tab you are viewing.

The Register allows you to sort the entries in real time. Just click on the heading at the top of any column to sort in ascending order, click the heading a second time to sort in descending order. Handy if you are looking for a large or small entry. After you have removed or changed the entry, click on the date heading to return to the default view.

The Register also is used for voiding firm cheques and recording NSF receipt entries.

You can adjust the width of the columns by dragging the borders between the headings. If you want still more display room for a particular column, you can delete a column you do not need by right clicking on the heading and choosing Remove. To return to how the columns were displayed by default, right click and choose Restore.

As always, I invite your comments and suggestions for future posting topics. Next week – Report Features.