Monday, January 14, 2013

LawPro Issues A Warning

LawPro issues warning after law firm lost six figures from trust account.

A common scam, but first time for an Ontario law practice.

  1. Do you have a robust antivirus program installed?
  2. Do you have additional antispyware protection?
  3. Does your firm have policies and Windows settings to prevent staff from installing new programs / screensavers, etc.?
  4. Do you scan suspect attachments? Hackers can highjack the email account of someone you know and trust. If you are not expecting anything, scan before opening.
Most email attachments are nowadays automatically scanned. Downloading a less common business program usually issues a warning from antivirus programs that do not recognize the name. Most malware attachments are triggered upon opening the attachment. Manually check any suspect file before opening by saving to your desktop, right click, and scan with your antivirus program.