Sunday, March 20, 2011

HST on reports, invoices, etc.

The change from GST to HST occurred July 1, 2010, and I am assuming everybody has changed the tax rate in System Settings. However, this does not change the wording of how the taxes appear on your invoices, cheques and reports in PCLaw.

To change GST to HST on various windows and reports – Options – Terminology – scroll down the “Replace” column to find Goods and Services Tax – in the “With” column type “Harmonized Sales Tax”. On the next line below – “Replace” – GST – “With” – type “HST”. OK.

To have HST appear on your invoices – System Settings – Billing – and at the bottom of the window locate and write down the names of the templates being used for Bill, Pre-Bill, and Quick-Bill.

Next, Tools – Template Editor, then Open File and scroll to locate one of the above templates. When the template opens, locate the text boxes that contain GST (usually at least two, or more – fee & disbursement and maybe sub-total, totals). Double click on the text box to open it.  Change the text from GST to HST - OK. Repeat until all text GST boxes on this template are changed to HST. Re-save the template.

Repeat this same process for the two other templates you wrote down from System Settings. You can test all the templates by running pre-bills and selecting each of them in the template box. You may also have custom templates that you use only for some clients. Be sure to change these too.

Lastly, to change the name of the payable account on your balance sheet - Options – Lists – G/L Accounts – scroll down to GST Payable – double click – change GST to HST – OK.

As always, I invite your comments and suggestions for future post topics. Next week – G/L Reconciliation Report.