Sunday, November 21, 2010

Introduction, Future posts, Benefits to you

Welcome to Ontario PCLaw Bookkeeping.

My motivation for writing this blog was to fill the gap between the knowledge provided by PCLaw’s help (how to use the program) and the bookkeeping standards demanded by the Law Society of Upper Canada (Bylaws 8 and 9).  In simplified terms, a practical guide on how you can use the functions of PCLaw to meet your LSUC obligations.

For the next seven weeks of posts, I will be dealing with the “Seven Common Problems with Financial Records” as found by the LSUC’s spot audit program.  I will discuss what the problems are, how you can fix them, and how you can avoid repeating them in the future.
I hope my posts will be of interest to both lawyers and their bookkeepers.  Lawyers especially should have a firm understanding of bookkeeping issues; after all, it is their licence to practice that is at stake.  

However, for you, as a reader, to get the most benefit from this blog, I need to know what concerns you have in your practice.  Please post your comments or email me directly with your questions.  I will try to address your concerns in future posts.  If I receive more than one request for a particular topic, I will respond with postings on the basis of need.  Otherwise, I will respond in order of receipt.  I would also be happy to correspond with you, off-post and in confidence, to answer any questions or concerns you may have.